Art Shopping - Carrousel Du Louvre Paris France 2016

Art Shopping, a truly reliable and robust platform for modern artists to show the world their breathtaking creations. This International Contemporary Art Fair is organized twice a year in France and is one of the most anticipated art events worldwide.The first round will be held on 27-30 May, 2016. The second exhibition will run from 24 to 26 of October this year.Two M Art Gallery, will attend both the events with its amazing collection of modern pieces of visual art.Discover the spectacular paintings and sculptures from contemporary artists Simon Maarouf and Jenny Eichler.
Tracing Art Shopping: Simon marouf – painter
From 27 to 29 may on art shopping , Paris
Be part of the community art shopping and receive your invitation on www.salon-artshopping.com

Barcelona International Art Fair 2016

The Barcelona International Art Fair (BIAF) will take place on 16-17 December this year right in the heart of central Barcelona, Spain.
Two M Art Gallery is amongst the 100 contemporary exhibitors from around the globe who will appear at the 5th edition of BIAF. The event will be held at Museu Marítim de Barcelona- world’s iconic venue.
The gallery will showcase the modern art paintings and sculptures crafted by talented contemporary artists; Jenny Eichler from Germany and Simon Maarouf from Syria.

Art Shopping Paris 2016

Two M Art Gallery is delighted to announce its participation in Art Shopping Paris 2016; 24 – 26 October, 2016. The gallery will exhibit its inspiring collection of modern art paintings and sculptures.
Art Shopping brings awe-inspiring paintings, sculptures and fine art prints crafted by modern artists from around the globe.
Art lovers are invited to explore the spectacular artwork from two amazing contemporary artists; Syria based Simon Maarouf and Germany based Jenny Eichler.
For more details about the event, please visit; http://www.artshopping-expo.com/

Two M Art Gallery in World Art Dubai 2016

Two M Art Gallery attended the 2nd edition of World Art Dubai this year. This auspicious event continued for 4 days at Dubai World Trade Center; 6 – 9 April, 2016.
The gallery exhibited the key works by German modernist Jenny Eichler and Syrian master Simon Maarouf.